Bicycle path fences

Metal made and rock solid

Patented and certified

We are proposing a different way to build fences, to delimit bike paths, picnic areas, playgrounds etc...
We have patented an assembly system with adaptable solutions for different conformations of the ground, making the mounting fast and practical.
The structure is made of sturdy metal pipes, hot dip galvanized and painted with a strong epoxy powder paint, while the joint components are made of nylon with high strength and resistance, even to the weather.

Main advantages

  • Competitiveness: the initial costs are comparable to wood fences, but they completely eliminate maintenance costs.
  • Resistance: the used materials are explicitly chosen for durability.
  • Simpleness: assembly and eventual replacement of elements are extremely simple.
  • Versatility: can be adapted to any shape of the land, with slopes up to 20% and various heights and curves.
  • Customization: over a minimum quantity, choice of color at no additional cost.
  • Respect the environment: the materials used are fully recyclable and, at the same time, avoid the felling of thousands of trees.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 - Welding in compliance with ISO 3834-4